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Bike Fitting

  • Please call 830-992-3008 to schedule your fit.
  • Fit times are available on Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, and Sunday 1p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Due to the demand for this service, we recommend you schedule your fit a week in advance.
  • For fit related questions please contact, or call 830-992-3008.
James Bonney at Ironman Arizona

James Bonney at Ironman Arizona

Fit Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to focus our attention on each rider and their individual needs when it comes to obtaining a more comfortable, powerful, efficient, and aerodynamic position. Whether you’re getting ready for your first ride or trying to set a new personal record we have the education, understanding, and necessary equipment to help get you there.

Fitting Terms Defined

  • “Sizing” or “Getting Measured” for a bicycle: Sizing (or getting measured) is the first step to finding the correct fitting bicycle that will work for you. Sizing involves the process of taking body measurements in order to accurately translate those numbers into the appropriate height and length of a bicycle frame. At Jack and Adam’s this is the first step in searching for the appropriate bicycle. It is always best to wear athletic or cycling attire for a sizing. There is no fee for sizing so feel free to call the shop: 512-472-5646 and tell the shop personnel that you want to schedule to get sized for a bicycle or you can walk in and ask to get sized or measured for a bicycle. We keep measurements on file for future reference if you are not quite ready to make your decision considering a particular bicycle model.

  • Fitting: Fitting is the process of actively positioning an individual to an existing or new bicycle. The process is designed around individual anatomical and mechanical standards to aid in comfort, adequate weight distribution, injury prevention, and absolute power for performance. Every cyclist should have a fit. This process ensures you are safe and comfortable.

Fitting a bicycle at Jack and Adams occurs in 3 forms

  • Test Ride Fit: This is a fit performed for a new bike purchase; when an individual is interested in experiencing the new bike’s relative ride quality. There is no fee associated with the test ride fit. Often, the major details of a full basic fit are addressed, but may require further attention to detail to correct any “stock” component that limits total comfort or accurate fitting.

  • Basic Fit: The goal is to place each customer in a comfortable and bio-mechanically efficient position. This is achieved by taking specific body measurements and aligning the skeletal structure to better support the rider with consideration to the individual’s flexibility, neutral pedal alignment, optimal saddle height, saddle fore and aft, saddle to handlebar drop, and aerobar length and width.  This service is typically performed for a cyclist on their existing bicycle, for a fee of $50. Additionally, this level of fit is provided for all individuals who purchase a bike from Jack and Adam’s bicycles at no cost (within the first year of purchase).

  • Retul Fit (Austin Location only):  Retul is the most comprehensive fitting tool available. The system uses cycling-specific 3D motion capture technology that allows for a dynamic fit. The motion of the rider can be recorded immediately while they are under normal physiologic loads on the bicycle. Retul can capture the exact moment of peak knee angle flexion, extension, hip angle, knee over foot, etc. This allows for a dynamic fit that will put you a better position because the system is recording quantitative data that cannot be accurately measured statically.Retul can also be used for new bike purchases. The system can produce a comprehensive digital report of 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry. Using the digital report and Frame Finder we are able to make an accurate recommendation of frame geometry and parts.Retul 3D Motion Capture Bike Fit: $295-10 minute interview process to learn about the rider and their goals

-Biomechanical analysis of your body off the bike

-Cycling-specific strength and flexibility assessment

-3D dynamic capture of body movements

-Real-time recording of power output and physiological responses to determine optimal fit

-Digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry

An additional bicycle is priced at $150 when bikes are fit consecutively (for example road and tri/TT bikes fit back to back). Call to schedule your Retul Fit today. 830-992-3008.

Fit Specialists:

Josh Allen, Owner/Fit Specialist - Josh is the owner of Jack & Adam's Bicycles Fredericksburg. Josh grew up in Sweetwater Texas and spent his weekends and summers at his families ranch in Doss, TX. After highschool he made his way to Austin where he atteded the University of Texas and studied Economics and fell in love with endurance sports. In 2004 Josh was hired at Jack & Adam's Bicycles where his love for Cycling, Running and Triathlon grew. In 2005 Josh graduated and went on to work in the banking industry for 7 years and eventually found his way back to  Jack at Jack & Adam's Bicycles in Austin. He was trained in all aspects of fit, both cycling and triathlon specific from Jack Murray, Eddie Martinez and David Wanger. Focusing on proper ride form, injury prevention, and power.  He has moved on to own his own shop and has taken the knowledge he learned from Jack, Eddie, and David to Fredericksburg TX.

Jack Murray, Owner/Lead Fit Specialist - Jack is co-founder of Jack & Adam’s Bicycles and High Five Events. Starting out in 2004 in downtown Austin, both the shop and the event production team have grown to lead the country in sponsoring and producing multi-sport events under Jack’s leadership. His main focus has always been the success of his projects through customer service and participant enjoyment. His passion for running, cycling and triathlon make it easy for him to connect with the athletes he meets and ensures that they reach any goals they set. As a seasoned athlete himself, Jack understands that proper training, nutrition and guidance are keys to success.

Jack grew up in South Texas and began running in high school. He quickly became an elite runner, working his way up to the 1600 Meter State Championship, which he won in 1994. Following victories in high school, Jack went on to study Health and Kinesiology at Texas A&M-Kingsville where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1999. From 2000 to 2004 Jack operated an event production company and worked as head mechanic for USA Triathlon in Austin. With multiple Ironman and Half-Ironman finishes and an eventual qualification at the Duathlon World Championships, Jack felt the need to open his own shop with hopes that he could help others have the same success. Jack has spent years perfecting the position of professional athletes like James Bonney, Pat Evoe, Richie Cunningham, Kelly Williamson, Paul Mathews, James Cotter, Desiree Ficker, and Michael & Amanda Lovato. In addition to his unsurpassed bike fitting capability, Jack has helped guide hundreds of elite age groupers and first-timers to their own finish lines through proper bike sizing and position advice.

David Wenger, Retül Fit Specialist/Pro Cyclist - David is an accomplished road and track cyclist with 15 years of racing experience. He has raced with a number of top-level amateur teams, three different Division III professional teams, won a National Collegiate track championship and placed on the podium at the 2002 Under-23 National Time Trial Championships. While he still races, he now spends most of his time helping other athletes reach their goals by providing the best fitting experience in the sport.

Using the Retül Bicycle Fit system, David drives the methodology behind Durata Training’s bicycle coaching and fitting services with three-dimensional motion capture technology. His biomechanical approach to bike fitting is a combination of his experience of over five years of perfecting recreational, road racing, and triathlon cycling positions as well as his own racing successes. Dave understands that his athletes lead important lives aside from their time training and racing, and helps them to excel competitively while still maintaining a healthy balance between family, work, and social life.


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