Bike Service


We recommend you schedule an appointment for bike service in advance. Then keep your bike until that scheduled day or day before so that you may be without it for the least amount of time. You are welcome to drop it off for service without an appointment, but our turn around time for checked in repairs can be as long as two weeks. 

“OTS” Repairs: "On the spot repairs" are minor derailleur & brake adjustments, flat fixes, computer installations, cassette swaps, safety checks, and minor repairs that only take a few minutes. If an OTS Repair turns out to be more, you may need to schedule a service appointment. If you are unsure of the type of service you need, just call the shop and we can help you determine the timetable




Adjust Brakes$ 6.00

Adjustment includes centering of the calipers, alignment of the pads, and tightening of the brake cable (if needed).

Install Brake Cable$ 8.00

Complete installation and tension adjustment of standard brake cable (not requiring a sealed enclosure).

Install Brakes$ 20.00

Installation of 1 set of brake callipers (or cantilever) (front and rear).

Install Brake Levers (Road)$ 20.00

Installation of 1 pair of brake levers (non-STI)

Install Brake Levers (MTB)$ 15.00

Installation of 1 pair of brake levers (non-STI)

Replace Brake Pads$ 8.00

Replacement of 1 pair of brake pads (per brake).

Derailleur/Shifter Repairs

Adjust Derailleur (each)$ 8.00

Adjustment of limiting screws and cable tension to ensure accurate shifting (friction-type or index-type shifters).

Install Derailleur Cable (each)$ 10.00

Complete installation and tension adjustment of derailleur cable.

Install Derailleur (Front)$ 12.00

Installation and alignment of the front derailleur.

Install Derailleur (Rear)$ 12.00

Installation and alignment of the rear derailleur.

Install Shifters (STI)$ 25.00

Installation of one pair of STI shifters. (Labor only – new bar tape not included)

Install Shifters (Aero or MTB)$ 20.00

Installation of one pair of Aero (or MTB) shifters.



Adjust BB $ 15.00

Basic adjustment of the bottom bracket to ensure proper tension between the cups (both cartridge and non-cartridge types)

Install BB$ 20.00

Complete installation of the bottom bracket.

O’haul BB$ 30.00

Our bottom bracket overhaul includes removal of the bottom bracket (including both cups), cleaning of each piece, followed by re-installation as described above.

Install Chain $ 5.00

Installation of one chain including the removal of links (if necessary) to ensure proper length.

Clean Drivetrain $ 20.00

Includes the cleaning of the front chainrings, rear cassette (or freewheel) cogs, and the chain. The chain is then relubricated.

Adjust Pedal (each)$ 2.00

Adjustment of pedal tension.

Install Pedals$ 4.00

Installation of one pair of pedals (includes thread treatment).

Install Crank$ 10.00

Installation of the crank arms to the bottom bracket.

Install Chainring$ 16.00

Installation of the front chainrings to the crank arm.

Install Cassette/FW$ 6.00

Installation of the cassette or freewheel onto the rear wheel.


Install Tire/Tube (quick release)$ 5.00

Installation of a tire and tube (clincher-type) performed on an individual wheel or on a wheel on a bicycle equipped with quick-release.

Adjust Hub$ 8.00

Adjustment of hub tension.

O’haul Hub$ 20.00

Our hub overhaul includes the removal and cleaning of the hub axle and bearings followed by the relubrication and reinstallation of those parts and the proper tensioning of the outer cups.

True Wheel (minor)$ 7.50

Truing either wheel requiring only minor adjustment to spoke tension.

True Wheel (major)$ 16.00

Truing either wheel requiring moderate adjustment to spoke tension.

True/Install Spoke$ 18.00

Truing either wheel requiring installation of one or more new spokes (plus price of spokes).

Build Wheel$ 40.00

Complete assembly of a wheel including the installation of spokes to proper tension, making sure the wheel turns true (no side to side wobble), is in round (centered around the hub), and is in dish (centered correctly left to right with respect to the hub). This service also includes the application of rim tape for clincher-type rims.

Replace Rim Tape (each) $ 2.00

Includes the removal of old rim tape and the installation of new rim tape.


Adjust Headset $ 5.00

Adjustment of the head set to proper tension.

Install Headset$ 20.00

Installation of the cups and crown race.

O’haul Headset$ 25.00

Includes removal of the headset, cleaning and repacking bearings with fresh lubrication, and proper re-installation of the headset.

Install Fork$ 30.00

Includes installation of crown race and brake, as well as the adjustment of the headset.

Install Handlebars (on stems with end cap)$ 10.00

Installation of handlebars (all types).

Install Handlebars (on stems w/out cap)$ 20.00

Installation of handlebars (all types).

Install Handlebars (one-piece w/stem)$ 10.00

Installation of handlebars.

Install Handlebar Tape$ 7.50

Includes the wrapping of the handlebars.

Install Grips ATB$ 5.00

Includes installation of ATB grips.

Install Stem$ 15.00

Installation and alignment of the stem.

Miscellaneous Installs

Install Computer w/Cadence$ 15.00

Installation of a cycling computer with a cadence sensor. This service also includes the installation of the computer mount (if applicable).

Install Computer $ 12.00

Installation of a cycling computer without a cadence sensor. This service also includes the installation of the computer mount (if applicable).

Install Clip-on Bar$ 10.00

Installation of clip-on bars (i.e. aerobars, etc.) Price does not include shifter installation.

Install Toe Clips/Straps$ 10.00

Installation of toe clips and straps on existing pedals.

Major Repairs

Align Derailleur Hanger$ 12.00

Alignment of derailleur hanger.

Face Headtube$ 18.00

Includes the facing of the headtube to ensure a proper and even fit of the headset cups.

Align Dropouts$ 6.00

Align dropouts.

Face BB$ 20.00

Includes the facing of the bottom bracket shell to ensure a proper and even fit of the bottom bracket cups.

Tap BB$ 20.00

Retapping the threads of the bottom bracket shell.


Tune-Up$ 50.00

Our Tune-Up includes cleaning and lubricating the drive train, trueing of both wheels, adjusting tension of both brake and derailleur cables, and basic adjustment of the headset and bottom bracket. After the tune-up we will also make recommendations regarding any further service. Includes a complete bike wash

Complete Overhaul$ 150.00

Our Complete Overhaul includes the removal and cleaning of every component on your bike, trueing of both wheels, as well as repacking the hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. We then professionally build your bike from the frame up including proper lubrication of all bearings and drivetrain. (Includes bar tape and cables)

Complete Build-Up$ 100.00

This service is free with any bike purchase, however, if you bring us a frame and a set of components, we will gladly build your bike to professional standards.

Fit Kits

Basic Fit$50.00

The goal is to place each customer in a comfortable and bio-mechanically efficient position. This is achieved by taking specific body measurements and Aligning the skeletal structure to better support the rider with consideration to the individual’s flexibility, neutral pedal alignment, optimal saddle height, saddle fore and aft, saddle to handle bar drop, and aerobar length and width.

Power Fit$ 150.00

The goal is to provide the customer with a position that optimizes balance, power, structural support, and the ability to perform to his or her maximum strength to body weight potential. All of this is done with strict consideration to sound aerodynamic principles. This is achieved by taking specific body measurements, while applying all details considered in the basic fit, then taking an existing power snap shot of the current position, and further assessing the power potential to begin construction on the riders new “cockpit”.

Bicycle Shipping Service

Packaging$ 50.00

Jack & Adam’s can expertly disassemble and pack your bicycle for shipping. (Price includes packing and shipping materials.)

Shipping (arrange pick-up)$ 5.00

We will gladly arrange shipping for your bicycle through UPS. We have a daily UPS pick up.

Shipping Charges$ Varies

The Packaging and Shipping services listed above do not include the charge assessed by the shipping company (either Fed-EX or UPS). We do not schedule customer shipping to and from. To schedule your shipment please go to and select "create shipment as a guest" or to and select "ship now with credit card". Once you have scheduled your shipment, please email or print out your shipping label and provide it to our service department.